At Landes, we understand the needs of sophisticated investors. There are times when a deal is just too good to pass up. For those of you who have physical stocks or bond certificates we now offer an electronic registration services. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways.

ISIN – Starting at $50,000

If you currently have tradable security, and you want to make it more marketable, the first step is obtaining and ISIN or International Securities Identification Number. An ISIN can be issued to a wide range of different securities, including debt securities such and bond or promissory notes; equities, such as common stock or preferred shares, or fund shares; derivatives such as options and more.

Included in your fee is:

  1. Assignment of an ISIN to your specific security
  2. Listing of your security in the ISIN database
  3. An ISIN code profile viewable to others
  4. Up to 12 updates to your ISIN profile
  5. Listing of your security, with specified ISIN on Bloomberg
  6. Complimentary access via Landes Bancorp & Private Trust to the full ISIN database

Example: A typical ISIN database entry.