Deposit Accounts

Landes & Cie Private Trust provides all of our clients the security and prestige of an international bank account as well as stable, high-yield returns, year after year.

Essential Account
Landes & Cie offers clients deposit account services free of cumbersome fees. We have a robust suite of services designed for you on the go with top level privacy. It has never been easier to manage and maintain an international bank account.

Our services are synonymous with safety, security and financial benefits. Within this, we ensure nothing less than your financial success, and we are confident of this due to our repeated success through the years in terms of the numbers we deliver on as well as the processes we have in place.

We believe in improvement with time, which entails our understanding and willingness to move into technologies and methodologies that are proven to be better for present and future operations, thereby, ensuring your financial benefit.

PassBack Interest Baring Account
For those clients with a higher average monthly balance, we offer our PassBack account. This account includes one free wire transfer per month, and a high-yield interest rate of 1.25%. This is among the most competitive offers you will find in the industry.

Our current set of clients are thrilled with this offer, and we are equally pleased to be in a position to extend these financial advantages to you. We’re always keen to move things in your favor, so that more and more people like you can enjoy financial success with your services.