While guaranteeing optimum growth, we offer marijuana management and business consulting. This allows progressive as well as established business owners a path to setting up a solid cannabis enterprise.

We collaborate with specialists, including architects, engineers, and financial specialists, who are adept in establishing marijuana business and operation.
We help you establish your business, launch a dispensary, and show you the ropes for the application process and compliance

With our consultants talking to you, you won’t have to contend with guesswork. You can benefit from our consultancy when you wish to open a dispensary or just need advice for expanding your business.

For existing businesses, we offer a unique trust structure that allows businesses to utilize Landes & Cie to access capital markets, through our unique structure. Because of our business structure, we are able to offer our clients credit, money order and cash management solutions. We have no problem with accepting your assets in trust and allowing you to access said assets anywhere around the world.

Feel free to speak with one of our specialist for more information.