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We are a limited partnership that offers private trust services to clients. We are governed by Swedish AML laws and operate under The Hague Convention on the laws applicable to trust. We offer clients direct access bank and brokerage accounts, whereby we maintain their assets in trust. We also offer "blind" trust services for parties looking to alleviate the perception of conflict of interest.


We assist and advise clients across a wide range of asset management, custodial, supply chain and trade management services. SWIFT access allow us to efficiently conduct cross-border, secure bank-to-bank communication and verification plus streamline our trade service, forex and securities businesses. We currently accept the following asset for management under by our trust company: electronically trades registered securities, including stocks, bonds, warrants, futures and options; registered stock and bond certificates, gold (physical and contracts; gem stones, real estate, and we accept cash deposits in 6 currencies.

Investment Management

As trustee or as agent, we are able to act in your best interest by managing your investment portfolio. This includes providing you with a professional portfolio manager who will work with you to design a comprehensive asset allocation strategy tailored to your investment objectives and/or those of the trust, and provide ongoing investment management services.