Trade Finance

Trade finance is a massive driving factor in economic development. It aids in the flow of credit within supply chains. According to estimation, 80-90% of global trade depends on trade and supply chain finance. It has a worth amounting to around USD $10 trillion annually.


With our services, we offer businesses financing at multiple stages, and we mainly help those businesses operating in the international export or global supply chain trade. We reach out to these businesses because where they operate capital costs are high and profitability is significantly beneficial.


Apart from the economic benefits, which includes job and wealth creation, your business can gain through export finance since it tends to improve productivity, increase profitability and enhance growth.


Global trade can be a very high risk is highly complex and involves a web of savvy players. Our Trade Finance Team delivers fast, efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions for every stage of a client’s trade value chain to support their foreign trade activities. We offer clients solutions designed to make buying and selling simple – anywhere in the world. From issuing or advising documentary credits to document processing and payments. We have the know-how to get the job done for you.


We have the expertise to help clients manage their risk, handle trade and standby letters of credit issuance and confirmations, and monetize trade payables and receivables through a variety of supply chain finance solutions.


Export Financing

Landes & Cie has a team of Structured Trade Finance specialists who are here to help you deal with anything that may come up in the international trade stage. We have solutions that range from invoice factoring to back-to-back letters of credit. We also are here to provide you reliable skilled expertise and comprehensive service to meet your working capital and global trade finance needs. Our programs and services are designed to improve your cash conversion cycle by financing your sales or purchases. Furthermore, our international financing structures are designed to mitigate your trade credit and geopolitical, and buyer’s default risks. These all work together to enhance to give your company a competitive edge over competition and increase your global sales footprint. Our financing programs include:


Working Capital Solutions

Approved Payables Factoring
Landes & Cie can arrange financing for your domestic or foreign supply chain by arranging credit lines, thus giving your more flexibility to negotiate credit term with both buyers and sellers. Financing under an Approved Payables Factoring line of credit is based on receipt of your approved invoices, and an agreement of sale from a qualified Supplier. Our Qualified Suppliers list is constantly updated to meet our client’s needs.


Receivables Financing
Outstanding receivable can slow growth and hurt your bottom line. Let us help. No more net 15 or net 30, we can come in and take on your outstanding commitments and extend you the liquidity you need to keep buying and selling. What we do is use your receivable or outstanding balances as collateral for a credit facility. We work with a group of niche lenders to offer the best possible terms, thereby making the process as seamless as possible. Facilities may be structured for the purchase of receivables involving a single obligor or a pool of obligors. Receivable tenors may range from less than 30 days to possibly two years depending on the goods being financed. With our accounts receivable financing options, you can access cash without having to give up equity in your company, and it is less restrictive and expensive than equity financing.


Payment Options

Landes & Cie has a very wide range of global partners that give us the ability to leverage your strength with their local understandings of norms and customs. Giving you a reliable partner that you can count on across the globe.


Banker’s Acceptances
Customers with an existing relationship with Landes & Cie may qualify for banker’s acceptances. Banker’s acceptances offer fixed-rate, fixed-term financing on a discounted basis for import, export and domestic shipment of goods. This method of financing allows you to match the maturity date of the banker’s acceptance with the anticipated payment of the underlying receivable. In most cases, this results in expense savings through lower-rate financing. Use banker’s acceptances in rising interest rate environments to lock in lower fixed rates.


Letter of Credit and Guarantees
Guarantees and Letters of Credit secure risks from international trade activities along the customer’s supply chain to secure performance obligations arising from commercial, contractual or legal obligations, but also to enable advance payments in favor of the client.
We issue guarantees on the basis of an instruction from of the client (applicant), in favor of a third party (beneficiary). We can also advise a guarantee or letter of credit on your behalf.
Issuing and accepting these payment instruments insulates the seller and assures the buyer that the each party is ready to act in good faith. It can also minimize many unforeseen or hidden risk associated with global trade. Our specialists help you structure transactions that fit your import, export or standby letter of credit needs.


Documentary Collections

Documentary collections provide security through bank-to-bank control and allow you to amend collection terms easily through banking channels. Landes & Cie is registered with SWIFT and is able to communicate with more than 16000 institutions around the world. We also have a team of documentary collections specialists who can assist you with collecting what is owed to you.