Escrow Services

We have a team of experienced escrow agents here to assist you in every aspect of your escrow process, from basic custodian to specialized agreements. Our expertise makes us the ideal neutral third-fiduciary here to serve your needs. We regularly work with law firms and transfer agents, providing them with accurate and timely service. Our complete escrow services help your clients minimize risk in a complex environment.

Our staff is qualified, trained and experienced, and our culture is aligned to promote our services for your greater benefit. While we have a set process in place that caters to all your needs, we are keen on exploring new ways for making our services better in order to deliver an improved experience for our customers. This includes use of new insights as well technological advancements that can aid our operations better.

Comprehensive suite of services

In a market filled with uncertainties, escrow arrangements are an easily acceptable and versatile tool for assuring safe, sound and efficient completion of a variety of transactions. An escrow agent will hold assets, invest funds, oversee distribution of funds and may handle tax reporting duties in order to fulfill the conditions of an underlying agreement.

Our full range of integrated escrow services includes document review, investment services, wire transfer and deposit services, payment and disbursement services, and detailed activity and asset reporting for all parties.

Through our efforts, we promote the idea of financial stability and safety. Our highly secured network and processes that are monitored to prevent leakages and intrusions are testimony to our eagerness to adopt new technology for your safety. We are keen to ensure that all processes concerning every transaction and movement of funds and other data remains concealed.

Specialized product expertise.

Your dedicated specialist within the Escrow Services group will have experience combined with responsiveness and efficiency required to manage your escrow transaction.
We specialize in the following types of escrows:

• Corporate Escrow Services
• Collateral services
• Business Escrow
• Performance Guarantee Escrows
• Indemnification
• Merger and acquisition
• Contractor retention and construction

• Private placements and subscription
• Class action, litigation and structured settlement
• Software licensing and source code
• Remediation and environmental protection
• Impoundment
• Real estate purchase and sale and 1031 exchanges
• Franchise

With virtually every type of financial service provided under our roof, we ensure comprehensive solution. Our staff collectively possesses the immense capacity to ensure that every service we provide is managed smoothly. Moreover, we deploy systems that are robust, reliable and above average in order to have all the technical feasibility required for ensuring your success and security. If you have any questions about Escrow of Paymaster services please contact our Escrow Department today at +01 (424) ESCROW-1